Fine Food Ideas for a Dinner Party

It’s the simple things in life that are the most important to us, like celebrating the end of the week with fine food, the best company of friends or family, and exquisite wine. Dinner parties are a great way to see friends whilst saving money, as you can have delicious food at home without the cost of dining out in swanky Oxfordshire restaurants.

Catering for your guests may seem daunting at first, but there is a myriad of delectable treats one can serve up to make your guests dazzled at your culinary skills. Whether you are serving up comfort food favourites, or splashing out on the finest canapes, here are some of our top fine foods to serve at your next dinner party!


Beetroot and orange salad

1. Spiced crab bruschetta

This is a dish inspired by simplicity of ingredients, which perks the palette and prepares your diner for the rest of the night’s culinary prowess. It is terrifically simplistic in its assembly, and completely fool-proof – serve the highlight of the starter on toasted sourdough, add some crunchy leaves and lovingly throw a bit of balsamic over the top and you are ready to serve! Make sure to have a chilled bottle of Italian prosecco to hand for a sparkling addition…

2. Mediterranean Mezze; Houmous, Toasted Pittas, Sliced Vegetables, Baba Ganoush

Who doesn’t love to nibble at a dinner party? This array of Mediterranean food will delight even the fussiest of eaters. Place on a dark wooden chopping board and let the guests take as they please, add whatever you know your guests particularly enjoy making it that touch more personalised.

3. Succulent 21 day aged sirloin steak with Seasonal Vegetables

One of the best parts of fine dining at home, is that it does not need to be overly complicated. Contrast strong and delicate flavours or zest up a simplistic dish like steak, to make your guests desperate for more. When it comes to the main course, the freshness of your ingredients is vital if you are wanting to impress. Choose the best cuts of meat, and pair them with the freshest vegetables you can find, and you cannot go wrong!

4. Sumptuous Stone Bass Fillets with Asian Spice

Well-cooked fish can be jaw-dropping if done correctly, and with interesting flavours. When adding flavour to your fish, do not forget the natural salty flavours already present when adding your spices. Asian dishes have perfected the art of balancing this taste, with fresh zingy citrus elements and warm spices balancing out the natural salt. Ideal for dinner parties with its quick pan-cooking time, this dish is a great option for the finest of dinner parties.

5. Delectable Dark Chocolate Mousse, Praline brittle 

Whilst some chefs will protest, a lot of the experience of fine dining is leant to the appearance of the food being served. Taking something simple and elegant like a dark chocolate mousse and serving it in individual low-balled glass pots to showcase its layers with the hazelnut praline, can be show-stopping. Balance your dessert choice out with a dessert wine or serve with a shot of limoncello (dependent on dessert) if you wish to continue the theme of an Italian palette cleanser.

Whatever dishes you choose for your dinner party, the key to being successful is balancing your dishes flavours as a whole, not just as each individual meal. Take timeless classics and refine them or be bold and venture into a Heston-esque fervour for your guest’s entertainment, but either way fine dining does not have to be reserved for the restaurants.

Of course, if you don’t have time, or simply do not enjoy cooking, you can always rely on our Private Chef service or dido’s @ home to bring fine dining to you! Keep your eyes peeled for our latest menus and updates on our website.  If you are looking for a reputable caterer or private chef in Thame, Oxfordshire, contact us today for a free quotation.